Shutter Settings

I am using Shutter for a photography gallery. The lightbox is causing me problems in how I wish to display my images. There is a transparent bar at the top which houses the Close (X) trigger. It covers the top part of the image until it disappears if you leave it long enough. As some images are more panoramic in aspect they are not effected. I thought to limit the height of my images to 968 px as my testing indicated that would be below the top bar. Unfortunately, as images are resized depending on the display this only works if the image is wide enough.
Is there a way to limit the display size of an image to a maximum value so as to solve this issue.
I also have Gallery 3 which does not have this issue, however, Shutter has more animations, is easier to work with for me so I would prefer to use it. The website is is anyone wants to see the effect. Thanks

Removing that toolbar is not a feature of Shutter because its removal would also get rid of the X button that controls the closing of the modal.

Thanks Adam, understood about the top bar.
Is there a way of limiting the size of the image to a maximum pixel value in the Lightbox. At present the image will resize depending on the browser window size which is great for smaller devices, however, it increases the image beyond its native size as the window gets larger. I can make the images larger so they still look good if required, just wondering if it was possible.

No sorry that is not an option of Shutter.

Okay no worries Adam