Shutter stack and long captions?

I can see that the Shutter stack (which looks awesome) allows for the “Image Title” to appear as the caption - but all of the examples show only 2-3 word titles. In my mind, an image title is something like “Vacation 2021” but a caption is longer, unique to this image, and more descriptive - like “Bill and Ted standing in front of Old Faithful” - can someone please confirm whether very long captions will work as the image title?

A couple of my clients are artists and the captions must contain a lot of information - the title of the work, size, medium, price, etc. Another client has slideshows of member events and likes to identify each person in each photo in the captions.

I’ve been happy with the features of the powerful Photos stack which is now part of the Joe Workman kingdom. I’d like to know more about how Shutter handles longer captions before purchasing. Thank you!

The image title (aka caption) area will expand and the text will wrap to multiple lines if the title too wide to display in the image area. Here’s a screenshot with a couple titles longer than a few words. I did change the default rounding on the corners.

Hey there @bonnie777

While the title should work ok for what you’re trying to do, it wasn’t design as a full caption really, but more of just a title for the image. @DLH noted something to me that could be tweaked in the future, style-wise, so I’ve noted it for adjustment down the line. But as @DLH pointed out in his post, it should work fine the way you were asking about, if we understood you correctly.

Thanks to both of you. Off to purchase now!

Adam, I’m glad you’ll consider this in the future, in some cases the captions feature can be a deal-breaker!

Hi - just purchased Shutter and generally very happy with it - great job. But I’d like to join the requests to have different captions/titles on the thumbs and lightbox images. Like Bonnie I have a couple of artist clients who would like to include a lot more information (year painted, dimensions etc) - but only on the full size lightbox image.

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