Shutter stack batch and titles

I’m considering buying the Shutter stack. It looks very nice, especially the batch function. But there is one topic not mentioned in the videos: How does the image title work in batch mode? Can I name each picture manually with my own title or does it pick the title of the picture from the file name perhaps? It would actually be quite nice if the file name (minus the file extension of course) was used. Then the title would be created automatically just like the thumbnail when uploading a picture to the folder.

It is not mentioned in the videos as Shutter batch mode does not support image titles.

I just purchased the shutter stack and have the same question. So far, really like the stack and the batch feature is great, however, I have not figured out a way to get a title assigned to the images. I would like to use this for a photo gallery for people to view and then let me know which of my images they might like to acquire. Without a title, it makes it difficult to identify the images people are interested in. Very interested in finding a solution.

Thanks for your time.

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As stated above (Shutter stack batch and titles - #2 by elixirgraphics) Shutter does not do titles for batch processing.

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