Shutter stack—disable lightbox feature


I’ve been using the Shutter stack for a few weeks, and I appreciate how easily creates attractive grid layouts in the justified mode. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get it to stop there.

What I’m looking to achieve is an interestingly laid out photo gallery with a tap- or hover-to-reveal title function without having to go through the manual set-up process of something like BWD’s Sections Pro stack. Or Flux. The idea is to set the stack height higher—350-ish—and manually load “thumbnails” to compensate for the larger grid size, but to stop there. No pop-up lightbox. (The ultimate goal is to show photos on a page but keep the size down by not having to load full-size images for a lightbox. And do it in a way that looks appealing.)

Or maybe there’s another stack out there someone’s heard of to accomplish that? Either way, I’d appreciate whatever feed back anyone has.

Thanks, David

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