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Agreed. Shutter uses some pretty basic PHP image functionality overall. It makes use of the following functions:

These have been around a long time:

  • imagecreatetruecolor()
  • imagecopyresampled()
  • imagedestroy()
  • imagejpeg()
  • imagecreatefromjpeg()

This one requires v7.2 or newer if I’m not mistaken:

  • imageresolution()

If @Benthompsonart is updated to v7.4 then things should work ok. So I’ll be curious to have a look at the PHP error log.

Hey Adam and all.

I have been with GoDaddy consistently since building my initial website some 10 years ago hosting via a Linux based server. I looked into the documentation as to extracting a PHP Error log and it quickly went out of my depth and has me changing what seem to be some pretty core files. If I am honest I am a little nervous to be digging this deep…I am happy to try go through the steps but am not entirely confident in my abilities here.

I am not a blogger and tend to use sites as a way to share my illustration portfolio with fans and prospective clients and will likely include e-commerce as a facet of this in the future. (if this helps to determine my needs as compared to other hosts)

If the right answer here is the host is the problem and we don’t even need to see the logs then please let me know otherwise I will hold my breath and dive in :wink:

I think we might have found your problem. GoDaddy is notoriously bad, especially it seems when it comes to their PHP installations, for whatever reason. When I first started web development I had a GoDaddy account as well, but quickly switched to Dreamhost, who I have been with since. The allure of cheap hosting is always a siren’s song, IMHO. Hosting is one of those things that I always recommend paying a bit more for. I suspect that we won’t be able to work around their PHP setup.

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Well Bummer. I guess I begin the process of transferring two sites/domains to another host…
I am certainly not opposed to paying more for a better service with strong customer service and a quality product, I think that GoDaddy just remained familiar after all these years.

Dreamhost and Bluehost both look to be strong frontrunners. I will begin the process of elimination and figure out the cleanest path for transition.

Thanks Adam and all here for the help and patience, it is much appreciated!

I don’t want to talk you into switching hosts if you’re happy. If things are good otherwise for you, just do the manual thumbnails and call it a day. No need to make life crazy if you don’t have to. Up to you, but that’s my two cents.

Oh I totally understand, and I definitely don’t think that is the literal next step (though I realize in my last message that sounded like exactly my next step! :wink: as the thumbnails make for a great solve in the immediate future. Mostly I have just been hearing more and more reasons why other hosts have improved on what GoDaddy used to be great at when I first went with them.

I think you raise an excellent point that the cost involved is not always purely monetary when you take it all into consideration. I am not an art school student anymore after all and if there are meaningful upgrades to be made then I should consider them.

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When you get the site online, please let me know!!

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you bet sir, have a great rest of the week and thanks for all the help and attentiveness!

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