Shutter Stack Numbers


I’m loving the new shutter stack, especially the batch mode. This has saved so much time, it is unbelievable. I love the different displays and options too!

However, I do have one question: when the gallery is displayed there is a number in the top left (at least as I have it set up) with a number (x/y). What I wish to check is whether the number of the photo displayed is always the same on different devices and browsers? I occasionally get requests to purchase some of my photos and I need to be certain I am supplying the client with the right ones.

Thank you.

If you’re using batch import it should stay the same, as it is ordering things based on filename. The caveat though is that as soon as you add an image those numbers will change based on the new image(s) in the batch folder. I assume you’re watermarking your images already if they’re for sale. You might add a name to the corner of the images when you watermark them.

Thanks, Adam - that’s very helpful.

On this occasion, people can download branded low-resolution images for free (or for a donation) but need to purchase higher (and unbranded) images and prints with money going to a not-for-profit organisation.