Shutter Stack slows down the page

I recently purchased the Shutter stack and quickly setup a page to showcase some pictures. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but four shutter stacks with 4 to 8 pictures on the page, default settings, slows down the whole page editor until its barely usable. Super laggy.

The main images are between 500kb and 1mb each.

Also I can’t get the layuot Masonry working: if I change the layout , the images are no longer displayed, just a small line with some pixels somewhere:
CleanShot 2022-01-26 at 15.41.12

There’s your problem right there I’d have thought.

I often get a lot of laf in edit mode when pages get complex or heavy. To overcome this I use the Booast stack from One Little Designer. I’ve no idea how this stack works, but it seriously puts a rocket up RW edit mode. You need to use it carefully though, as it can make some content get corrupted and will crash some machines.

Does the page still have Generate Thumbnails enabled? If so it is trying to generate new thumbnails for 500kb - 1mb images every time the page loads.

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Yes, it is enabled. Does this only required to be enabled if I change images in the stack?
(Pretty sure, there’s documentation, right? :see_no_evil:)

Yes, it needs to be enabled just when you’ve initially published the page or changed images. Give the tutorial video a watch for more info.


I’ll have a look, thanks Adam.

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