Shutter Stack website msg "Error: Image could not be generated"

Just purchased Shutter, an awesome stack. I’ve screwed up the settings somehow as the above error message appears when visiting Home | Shutter Problem (index.php).

It’s a simple 8 image project, no thumbnails, Justify Layout, just like the video. All layout types do this. It did work initially, and on the website before I screwed it up.

I love this stack, just need to get it working. Bought it June 22nd. Watched all the videos. It’s pretty intuitive. Works in Rapidweaver Mode, just not when uploaded to the website.

Reluctant to make the project file public as it might contain my password. If Adam or someone else on his “staff” responds, I will send it the project file. I did Zip all the website files, to

Bill George

Website files

Adam emailed me, suggesting that there might be some PNG files causing problems as they cannot be the source for thumbnail generation, per Adam. I did find some on the website. Think I uploaded them while experimenting. Redoing everything seems to have Shutter working properly. One good thing about these problems is that one reads, rereads, watches, rewatches and experiments with everything trying to solve a problem (and learns in the process).

Thank you so much for responding, Adam.


Not a problem at all. Glad you got it sorted out. :+1:

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