Shutter Stack website msg “Error: Image could not be generated”

Cant seem to get by this issue. I have double checked that the images in the shutter stacks are all .jpg. I took each of the three into photoshop and resaved them out as .jpg just to make sure. I logged onto my server and the php is 7.4 for that domain and sure enough, all the images inside the page folder have been renamed to .png. What is the resolve for this. The website (only two pages so far) does contain .png files, however they are not in the shutter stack. Is this an issue with Shutter? Why would Shutter be renaming the files? Any insight as to why this may be happening? I read the other three posts but I have addressed all the issues I believe that were brought up in those posts. I have 4 shutter stacks on the page. They are using the same three images that have been verified as .jpg’s.

With Generate Thumbnails active I get this:

With Generate Thumbnails inactive I get this:

If you share the following it will help it diagnosing your problem:

  • Project file.
  • Folder of your original images before adding them to Shutter.
  • PHP error log file.

Here is the link to the files:

Looking at the .php error log there are no errors from today and the last errors over the past month were from a wordpress installation in a different folder. If you still need me to send the log file I will.

Thanks JP

I use this site to double-check the file types as a redundant step.

I published your page with Generate Thumbnails enabled (as it should be) and it seems to work as expected:

I suspect your problem is that you need to remove these unused images or add images to these child items: CleanShot 2023-05-24 at 16.59.45@2x.png - Droplr

Be sure to do so on all instances of Shutter on that page when you do. The filler image isn’t intended to be published.

Thats exactly what it should look like. Thanks for the feedback Adam, I will make the changes you suggested this morning and confirm that it is working. Thank You!!

~ JP

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Adam, I just replaced the images in the top gallery with 8 .jpgs, that have been verified. and I removed all the empty placeholders and I am getting the “image cannot be generated” error again. Lol, this is nuts. Here is the link so you can see: Gallery | WP Portraiture

Seems odd. If you recreate what I did, removing the placeholders only, does it work?

If it works doing that, the same thing I didn, then there’s something up with the new images you’re adding.

If it does not work, then send me the updated project file and the new images you’re trying to add.

BTW… Good Morning. Here is the WT link with the updated RW file and the 8 images I added.

@joethemacguy Please let me know the answer to the above question.

Not sure I understand. I did remove the placeholders in all of the shutter stacks. I already replaced the images that were in the version you had. Do you want me to remove the new images, and use the images that were in the stack the first time you looked at it?

Also, there is an additional step I use, Not sure if it would cause any issues, but I compress all images prior to adding them to a site. I use tinypng to compress all images, both .png and .jpg. Still verify as .jpg’s after compressing though.

Yes, I wanted you to replicate exactly what I did in my example as to see if it is Shutter or the new images. That said, I removed the Shutter tool with the new images and republished and everything loads A-OKAY now using your latest project file:

This tells me something in that instance is the problem.

So I removed one image at a time from that gallery to see if I could narrow in on one image that was the problem. But it did not start functioning again until I removed all of those images.

So I went into Photoshop and re-saved your images using Photoshops save for web feature. I made sure the images were not progressive too, as I think your previous images were. And here’s the results:

Ok, so I will remove each shutter instance, and start over. One at a time. I will keep you updated as to the progress. Thank You Adam. Hoping I don’t have to bother you with this anymore. Enjoy the day :slight_smile:

~ JP

You don’t need to remove Shutter at all. I think you misread my post. Your new images were incorrectly saved as progressive images. Just remove those images, resave them in PS using save for web and re-add them to your Shutter tool.

OK, Will do. Will let you know how it works out :slight_smile:

Adam, Here is an update. I went into my server and deleted all the “shutter-image-XXX.jpg and .png” images in the gallery page>Files folder. I deleted all the shutter stacks from the page and purged all the images from the Resources folder.

I replaced a single shutter stack. Added the 8 images after saving them out for web in photoshop. Same issue exists with “the Image could not be generated” error. So for the hell of it I went back into the Gallery>Files folder and all the images I removed, both .jpg and .png were back, including the original pics which are no longer attached to that page. I purged the cache both on the server and in my browsers so as not to be seeing false pages. I am not sure what is different between your instance and mine at this point. Is it possible that the RW page holding the stack has an issue? I have no problem recreating the page if think that has merit.

~ JP

Let me ask you this, should I avoid using the resources window and just drag the images from my desktop into the shutter window? Could the resources window be causing an issue with the file upload?

Damn, that did it!!! I removed the images from the resources window and dragged them directly from the desktop folder into the image window and it works perfectly! Wow!