Shutter - Transparent graphic at top of Lightbox

Just started to use Foundry 3 and Shutter. Just a question about the Lightbox. There is a transparent bar at the top of the Lightbox that incorporates the image number and how many images there are on the left and the exit cross on the right. Depending on the height of the image it can overlap. If I move the mouse cursor away from the image, eventually, like about 5 seconds, this transparent strip will disappear. If I enable keyboard rather than the arrows then I can scroll through with the arrow keys and it does not return providing the cursor does not overlap the image.
I could not find any settings to disable the image numbering and I have tried to make several elements completely transparent or reduce heights but nothing seems to completely eliminate this “feature”. At least, is there some setting where I can reduce its time on screen when I move my cursor away. I have not published a page yet although have opened it in a browser so I gather this is how it will operate when I do publish.
Thanks for any insight.

Hey there @Hoppy

Removing the image count, or changing the hide delay, are not an option of Shutter. They are tied into the top bar which houses the Close (X) trigger.

Thanks Adam. I thought that may be the case. Shutter is easy to use and looks great with a lot of transitions so I guess its a minor niggle. Great work with Foundry 3 by the way.

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