Side Nav - 'active' not working as expected

I need the current-page nav item to show ‘active’ in the nav bar once you have selected that page. Not working that way. No matter what page you choose, it’s nav item does not highlight.

“Side Nav” Nav Items give you the option of selecting if an item is ‘Active’, however that item stays highlighted no matter what page you are currently on…

I have tried to fix, but not working… Is there a fix or suggestion?


Post a URL: that will help.

With Side Nav the item you select as “Active” is always indicated as active. Maybe it should have been named something like “highlighted”.

I’m not sure if you are specifically talking about Side Nav only, or about the Nav Bar as well. But the main point is active in this case is simply a way of highlighting one or more curated links.

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If you select a page from the menu nav bar, the bar item selected does not highlight as the selected item.

please visit to see…


Yes, you are using the Side Nav bar. It will only highlight key pages that you manually highlight. It does not work like a typical menu nav bar (such as Foundry’s Nav Bar stack) in that it does not auto-highlight the page you are on. I believe this is due to the “manual creation” aspect of this stack. Unlike a regular Menu Nav it does not “know” what page it is on: it simply contains a collection of links.

If I’m wrong then @elixirgraphics will come along soon enough and correct me!

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When I have a look at your Member directory page using Inspect Element I see that the home link within the side navigation is set as active. When You do a copy paste of the stack between pages you have to go into each of the Nav Items and manually check or uncheck the active checkbox. If you are adding the side nav using Partials then you would have to unpack the partial on subsequent pages and then manually check / uncheck the active checkbox.


If I could mark two posts as solutions I would on this one. Both @mitchellm and @dks0035 are right.

The manually curated nature of the stack means you have to manually maintain the active items, too. That being said, I find this sort of navigation doesn’t necessarily need the current page marked as active most times.

I see that the Mega Menu stack addresses this issue for a menu inside a partial - ‘Auto Detect Active Page’.

Is there any chance that this could be implemented in this stack?

I’ll add it to the issue / feature tracker to look at in the future and see if it would work well in this situation.