Side Nav - Styling - Bar Active Colour problem? [FIXED]

I have a Side Nav with 8 entries. I am setting the Side Nav global Styling colours for Icon Bar Hover and icon Bar Active. The icon colour seems incorrect. When I set the icon colour of the Bar Active it seems to be used as the colour when hovering over the entries. The colour for the icon Bar Hover is ignored. I haven’t overridden the individual nav item entries i.e. Styling > Custom Colors is unticked.

Not sure I’m following you with the description @logrunner, but if you send me a ZIP file containing your project file and point me to the page you’re having this problem on I can take a look at this when I’m in the office next. Also, send me screenshots so I know what it is I need to be looking at when I troubleshoot things.

I attach a zipped test project and image to demonstrate the problem. (112.8 KB)

The attached image shows:

  • Page One Nav bar entry for the Active page is using the correct icon background colour (dark red for Bar Active) but the incorrect icon colour - it is using the standard Bar icon colour (green) rather than the Bar Active colour of red.

  • Page Two Nav bar entry is using the correct standard Bar colours of dark green icon background and green icon.

  • Page Three Nav bar entry that is being hovered over is using the correct background colour (asparagus / dark yellow) but the incorrect icon colour - it should be yellow but is actually set to red which is the Bar Active colour.
    Hope that explains it a bit better.

Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sending this over. I’ll take a look at it when I’m in the office in front of my computer.

Good catches @logrunner! Your project really helped in hunting down the bug and understanding what you were experiencing! So, with that said I did track down the bugs you ran into and I think I have them fixed.

I will add these fixes into the next Potion Pack update.


Thanks for the update. :+1:

By the way, I note that if you edit a nav entry, it only provides Custom Color overrides for:

  • Colours:
  • Hover:

I assume that by Colours: it means Bar: (as specified in the Styling for the Side Nav). It doesn’t provide for an override of Bar Active:. Not that I need this at the moment but thought I would mention it. :slight_smile:

This was an intentional choice. I wanted the active element to be the same for all items. I was going to omit the hover elements from the custom overrides too but went ahead and added them.

Thanks for the explanation - seems a good reason. :grinning:

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Just installed the Potion Pack update, retested and can confirm the issue is fixed. Thanks. :grinning: