Side Slide stack: future features request

The Side Slide stack is easy to use and works very nicely. I’m wondering if a couple of features might be added at some point in the future:

  • direction of the slide out. Currently it comes out from the right side of the screen. Could we have the option also for a left side appearance?
  • portion of the screen covered. Currently it covers (at least on a laptop) 50% of the screen. Might we have some more options in the future? (e.g. 20, 30, 40 percents)

A left-hand slide isn’t on my todo list right now. I’ll think it through some though.

This was actually just requested, if I reread it right, on another thread. I’ll see what I can do. Currently Side Slide uses px based widths. These are easier for everyone to understand and use most times. But I can see a request for % based for this case. I’ll think on how it could be implemented.

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Adam: Thanks for looking into this. For a bit extra flexibility I can always use the Glider stack (Joe Workman) that functions just fine with Foundry. But, when possible, it’s nice to use Foundry-specific elements for basic design.