SideSlide and NavBar

Since the Foundry update yesterday I have run into a problem with the SideSlide stack where when it is opened it is now BELOW the NavBar and hence the CLOSE icon is not visible and in my case neither is the header.

Is this a known problem?

This can be seen on this page of my site.

There is a button title “Center Fin Pricing” that opens the SideSlide.

Never had this problem before so it seems to have shown up with the update, but I could be wrong.

Stacks 3.2.4b1 and RW 7.1.4

Likely a z-index mis-match, like you and I dealt with before. I’ll give it a look now and see what I can suss out.

Got that bug all patched up. It will be in the next update.

Awesome, thanks Adam!

When do you think this update is going to go live as I would really like to re-activate the various Side Slides that I’m using. they were disabled when I discovered this problem?

I don’t have a scheduled release date. There are more things in the update than just this fix, so they all need testing.

Just as an addendum to my last post – this next update won’t take as long to release though as the last since I’m not build 10 new stacks for the update. :wink:

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Awesome, can’t wait!