SideSlide Setting: Start Open

Is there a way to make SideSlide open automatically on page load? It would be useful in situations where it’s being used for a site welcome message or an email sign up form.

Accordion items have the optional setting to start open, but I can’t find any similar setting for SideSlide. Am I missing something or is this a non-existent feature?

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Hey there @limajuliettango!

No, sorry, having the Side Slide stack start in the open position isn’t an option. With the way the stack works, along with its overlay features, it would likely not be a candidate for a feature like that.

Thanks for the quick reply Adam.

Accordion items have the optional setting to start open, so I was hoping that SideSlide might also have that function.

There are a few popup / slide out third party stacks available which open automatically or open with a timed delay. I just always prefer to use Foundry’s built in stacks before looking elsewhere, which is why I asked.

Not a problem. Like I said, it isn’t something I have planned or will likely add. You can definitely use other developers stacks in Foundry. That won’t hurt.

Personally stacks that make the visitor click through or dismiss something right away, or after a timed delay, really bug me when I’m visiting someone’s site. So that is one reason I probably wouldn’t add a feature like that to any of my stacks.