Simple Capture Form

Good Morning,

I am looking to create a simple form like this on the homepage of a site project I am working on.
Would appreciate any suggestions. Foundry Form too much detail for my needs.
Not in a position to link to Constant Contact or some such solution.

This is an example of what I am working to reproduce.

Thanks everyone.


Something like that would be best done with whatever service you’re going to be using for your mailings. For example, if you’re using MadMimi for your email mailings they provide you a snippet of code that will make exactly what you’re looking for… it then takes the captured data and drops it right into your mailing list database.

If you were to set up a form of your own it would only email you with the email address. And since you’re not going to be able to really manage a mailer from your own inbox without running into issues (handling unsubcribes, spam reporting, tracking, etc, etc.) you’ll want to be using a service like MadMimi, MailChimp, etc.

Thanks, Adam, for the quick reply. I had seen your comment on this earlier.
I appreciate your thoughts on the topic.


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