Simple new lines in Paragraph - I still don't get it

Hello everybody,

as a long time RW user and also user of Foundry from the start, I have a problem with the new Foundry 3 Paragraph stack. In the old Foundry Paragraph stack, I could just write my text, and when I needed a new line, I simply hit return.
In the new Paragraph stack, I can’t find a way to just get a new line, without the space between new paragraphs when creating an empty line. It seems that Paragraph from Foundry 3 replaces my Carriage Return with a Space.

Is there any way to get the same result as in the Foundry 2 paragraph in Foundry 3? I searched the forum, but couldn’t find an answer.

In Markdown you create a new paragraph by adding an empty line between the paragraphs, like so.

You can also adjust if base margin is applied to those internal paragraph tags in the Paragraph tool’s settings:

A carriage return in F2 inserts a <br /> tag (break tag) whereas F3 does not since the F3 paragraph uses Markdown for its formatting. You will need to insert a <br /> tag manually if you want this look. A double carriage return in F3 creates a new paragraph (<p></p>) due to the rules of Markdown.

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If you don’t want the gap between paragraphs, you can put two spaces at the end of the previous line.


Thank you, @forbesrodney, that did the trick.
Didn’t know that with the two spaces.

With the two-spaces-at-the-end-of-a-line-thing I get a perfect line break.

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