Simple webshop with Foundry and Cart3

Blijven Hangen

Hi Foundryoholics (is that even a word?),

I made a simple webshop to promote a book about the many cafés, pubs and bistro’s that used to exist in a small town in Flanders (Belgium). The book is also offered in combination with a lot of other stuff. Using Glide stack, Display and Mega Modal I could keep and simple. The site went live last week and the client is very enthusiastic about it for they already sold some 50 items in the first days. Amazing what can be done by using less than 10 stacks in total.

Special thanks to @HeikoK who helped me out with coding Cart3 so besides Paypal and Credit Cards a Belgian debit card system can also be used.

Site is in Dutch


Great job
Mooi gemaakt!

Bedankt voor je comment Peter