Sip Shuttle Lodi CA

##Sip Shuttle

Wine shuttle business in Lodi, CA, we designed their original site in 2015 and redesigned it using Foundry. Looks similar to some of our other work, but the design keeps selling, so I’ll keep designing it.

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Site looks great and love the idea behind it. Great intro image. Wine isn’t exactly my thing (I’d be in for a geek tour of the tech companies), but that’s not the point.

Subjectively, there’s a little too much movement with the reveals for me, but that’s certainly not a universal opinion. A mailto link vs. an email form is up to the client. I prefer forms, but nothing wrong with a mailto.

The only negative comment I have is I’d like to see the map be active rather than a static image. I understand it’s not intended to point to a specific location since it’s a tour of several locations.

Nothing above needs to be “fixed”, just simple observations.

Nicely done and thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for the kind words. I like the idea of the map being active. It may be something I talk to them in the future. Your suggestion gives me the idea to have a custom map specifically for the wineries that they service.

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Something like Will Woodgate’s Hotspot Pro stack might be a perfect partner for you in terms of an active map. Well, it wouldn’t be truly active, but it would be a great way to inform visitors of the wineries each of the 2 routes would visit. More here:


Great idea for this!! Thank you.

You might find that Google has all you need already in place.

Open Google Maps to MyMaps using
Create a new map and give it a name, such as Sip Tour 1.
Enter something like “Napa Valley Wineries” and you’ll see a partial list.
You can add and remove items in that list to your own maps.
Once you’ve got that the way you like you can share it as either a link or an embed.
As an embed, just toss it in the basic html stack and you’re done.

I just dummied up this as a proof of concept at


Thank you, I like the concept, thank you. The HotSpot Pro or JW Points lets me control the content. I will definitely add this to my to-do list for this client as their budget increases again.