Site logo not showing in Nav Bar Pro

I’m designing a new site using RW8, Foundry & Mason. It’s coming on well except that when I use Nav Bar Pro the site logo doesn’t appear in preview only a delineated box which says “Site Logo”. If I use Navigation Bar, the logo appears as it should.

Any suggestions anyone?
Thanks, Steve

OK, I’ve just found the drag & drop logo section. Don’t know how I missed it for days, guess I was expecting a similar behaviour to Nav Bar.

Question answered by me. :roll_eyes: :blush:

Good morning! Glad you got it sorted @musicalbodger. Don’t forget too that each stack has its own documentation page as well on the Foundry site and many have tutorial videos to accompany them. They can be a big help in situations like this.

Thanks Adam @elixirgraphics,
Yes the documentation pages are really helpful, and the tutorial videos. I generally look there first but somehow I didn’t this time.
Thanks for your excellent products, having great fun with them on this new project.

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Glad you’re enjoying them! Building sites should definitely be fun and not a chore. More stuff to come that will make sure building even more fun!