Site Update - finally

My wife’s a homoeopathic practitioner and I just today updated her site. Reworked it a lot to make it look less cluttered and more informative.

Any best practice on how to make an english version to switch to btw?


I just wanted to say that that’s quite a nice use of the Foundry MegaMenu. The site itself is very clean as well.

Is it Paddy stacks that are doing the preloading?


Thanks Doug. I‘ve not used any stack for the preloader. Must be Foundry :wink:

Paddy height is the only non foundry stack which I use to space things up a bit.

Though, not true. Armadillo is there too. So far just a few content stacks on the main Page to be able to update upcoming events. Going to try the blog too though. I love the CMS flair it adds to the page :slight_smile:

I’m just learning Rapidweaver, so stacks are new to me – I only saw the PaddyBalls stack while examining your page source. Perhaps it’s loaded because PaddySpace requires it…who knows?

I also wanted to compliment you on your color choices and layout for the site. I am very much a fan of subdued color schemes as I think it makes the pages more pleasant to look at and to read. The quote blocks break up the regular text very nicely. All in all, the site reflects its content and purpose really well – as a beginning designer, I learned some good things from looking at it.


Thanks for your kind words. I‘m a beginner myself and I still do learn by trial and error. It‘s like v5 of this website already. It matured along the way. Surely not an approach a professional designer would take :grin:

That said, I‘m sure I haven’t put any other paddy stack on the page. I‘ll double check when I get home from work.

My apologies. I did indeed add paddy balls to my navigation partial :innocent: totally forgot about that.

No apologies needed. I had totally forgotten about the Paddy stacks until I saw the source for your site. Now I have the page preloader I’ve always wanted :clap:

…plus some of those other Paddy stacks look pretty useful.

Glad you like it. PaddyBalls was created to add a super simple pre-loader to frameworks or theme that didn’t have that feature.

@pumpkin I see that you also have PaddyPlus on that page which is a 3 breakpoint way to add proportional space.

Great site BTW.


Yeah, PaddyPlus is simple and great to add some spacing on a page. I use it everywhere :grin:

Any best practice on how to make an english version to switch to btw?

Take RWML for the Languages the best way to make your site multilingual

See this:

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