Slide Nav question

I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the Slide Nav have the same effect as regular Menu Nav in terms of sticky navigation.

Ideally I’d like to have the name of the website and the Slide Nav button combined with the effect of sticky navigation. I’ve tried a few different ideas, but all have failed.

The Slide Nav button does scroll down but it’s essentially transparent so the background color of a container bleeds through it. Ideally, like with a regular Menu Nav sticky, I could have the Slide Nav button and any title text have a white background and height of about 60 px and nicely scroll down the page “sticky style”.

Any suggestions about how to accomplish this?

Here’s a link to a poorly executed version that does not work:

BTW Mathew, Would you mind to let me know what program/filter do you use on Paris page images?


I’m just fooling around with ideas for right now, so the site is just a collection of random stuff.

However those particular images where created “in camera” with a Sony. Many of the Sony cameras (expensive or cheap) offer a filter in their Picture Effect menus called Illustration.

You can get similar effects in PS or Affinity Photo or other apps. But I haven’t come across the exact same effect with other software. The disadvantage, of course, is that you don’t have a “regular” photograph to work with later (unless you shoot a second photo with regular, non-illustration, settings.)

Many thanks Mathew, for your kind response.

Best regards

This blog post (really just nonsense content) shows a gallery of photos. Some have illustration effect, others not. See:

The advantage of illustration type photos is mainly for banners: you can compress them more and they don’t look as bad as regular photos. That happens because they are simpler: less colors, less details. So similar effects gained in PS, Affinity Photo, or some other apps would serve this purpose (making banner images) well.

I like the “illustration effect”. I remember the Odeon Metro station you have on one of your sites :slight_smile: