Slide navigation stack question

If I use the regular menu nav or the nav overlay then if there are sub-pages (1 level down only) I can not click on the parent link. For example, If I have

  • page 1
  • page 2
  • paris
    • this
    • that
  • one more

Then only the “this” and “that” pages are active links (i.e. “paris” is not an active link).

However, if I use the Slide navigation stack then the “paris” (or parent) page is now also an active link. This behavior is different from the other two.

I’m just checking to see if this is intended behavior or not. If it is: fine. If it ain’t: then that’s fine too and I suppose it’s a bug. But right now I don’t know what is the intended behavior.

That is the intended behavior for both stacks.

Got it. That’s good to know. Lets me plan accordingly.

Hi - is there any reason why having the parent page as an active link can’t be included as an option in the Navigation stack? I don’t want to use Slide Navigation but I do need this option. Thanks

Parent navigation items act as the toggle to open and display the child navigation items. This is done for simplicity sake, code-wise, and at the same time to aim for compatibility among a larger number of mobile platforms.