Slider images not showing on page

I have a Slider stack at the top of my page below my menu partial. I’ve put it in a Container stack as well as by itself. The Slide images show up in RW as well as in Preview on my browser. But when I publish it (and clear the browser cache), the images never appear.


It is hard to say without seeing the code. Troubleshooting things without a project file and URL is darn near impossible most times. Feel free to provide those and one of us can take a look.

Apart from the obvious - checking to make sure you don’t have both index.html and index.php on your server (browsers will prioritise html over PHP if both exist) - what else have you tried?

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Published your project file as-is on my server and it seems to be working as expected.

Try using RapidWeavers Republish All Files feature and see if it clears it up for you.

You were correct! Using FileZilla, I examined the folder on the server and there was both an index.html file AND an index.php file. How that .html file got there, I don’t know because when I examine the file name under “General Settings” for that page, it shows “index.php.” Anyway, when I deleted the .html file, it worked as designed.

Thank you . . . and anything you can offer as to how that “rogue” file ended up there would be appreciated.

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Didn’t work. The problem was as @jacksona suspected . . . I don’t know how the rogue .html file got there but removing it solved the problem.

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@Mark75219 It’s really not a “rogue” file although it may seem like it to you. You likely have your RW settings such that each new page, by default, is HTML. However, it’s also likely that after creating the page as an HTML page that you subsequently added a stack that requires PHP. In those cases the file is auto-changed to PHP. Thus you get both. For instance, many form stacks will do this but it’s not limited to them.

In the battle between identical file names with HTML vs. PHP extensions: HTML always wins.

One thing I’ve done (though this might not be the best approach) is I’ve gone to RW Advanced settings and selected PHP as the default (see image below). Ths advanced settings area has several options that can be quite helpful.


This is very helpful! I’m a noob and the number of “gotchas” that occur when using these tools is amazing. Not that this is anyone’s fault. It’s just the nature of the beast. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll follow your guidance.

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@Mark75219 Yes, definitely many things to learn. If I were to guess at the biggest “gotcha” out there for new folks it’s image optimization. Way too many folks use very large images that slow down their website and cause many other problems. Comparatively, video is much easier as YouTube and Vimeo provide excellent options for including in websites that are responsive (i.e. good on desktops and phones) and efficient while maintaining high quality.

… honestly I’ve heard of folks (just in the last month) with website RW projects that are over 1 Gb in size. Recently I heard about one that’s over 4.5 Gb. That’s just lunacy. And in almost all those cases very large images were causing problems: either within RW or for users trying to view the website. So “image optimization” is a non-RW issue per se, but hugely important to learn about.


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