Slideshow photos in the Motion stack stopped showing up. Text shows fine

The stack was working for about a month and then the images just stopped showing up. I put some sample text in just to see if anything would show and the text comes up fine. I noticed other people were having problems due to large images sizes when I looked around the forum. I checked my photos and they are 1200 x 675 at 72dpi. This is about the exact same sized images I used when I made a slideshow with Shift and that stack always worked. I was curious if someone knew why what could be causing this. I don’t think I changed any settings for the photos to not show up.

(Site isn’t live at the moment.)

Screenshots will not help us diagnose problems with your images or code. We need a copy of your project file at a minimum. Additionally a live URL would be helpful.

Also, Motion does not handle text, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to here:

I put some sample text in just to see if anything would show and the text comes up fine.

Motion creates background slideshows of images only.

After posting this question I had the thought to remake the page on my other Mac. When I tried this Motion started working again. This made me think if it worked by starting a new page on the other Mac maybe the issue is just that I need start with a new page on the first Mac I tried it on. It turns out that fixed the problem as well.

I am not sure if it will stay fixed but I can’t see a reason to send you the files now. So at this point maybe I will just watch the stack on this page and if it has a problem again I’ll send you the files to look into?

(What I meant by text in the motion stack was that I dragged a paragraph and header stacks on to the Motion stack. This was what you did on the tutorial video and I was doing the same thing.)

Sounds like you had a RW or Stacks glitch of some sort. Motion nor Foundry have control over the image files within the project file. Glad you got it sorted. If you run into the again my first suggestion would be to restart RW. If that does not clear it up, then you’ll want to contact Realmac and YourHead.

Okay I’ll do that. Thanks!

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