Social Icon in Nav Bar

Is it possible to have social icons in the nav bar with links as in in the image below:

That is not a feature that any of the navigation bar stacks has. The Side Nav stack, which is a part of Potion Pack has the ability to add a drop zone to the bottom area of the navigation though. Have a look at the DOCs page and check out that video: Side Nav Documentation

Additionally, you can add your voice to the Feature Requests. Here’s instructions on how to go about that:

I’m doing a lot of work on Foundry based stuff right now for the future, so I am taking all feature requests into account while working on things. It isn’t a promise every feature will make it, but I’m going to do my best.


I have after playing around discovered that the Nav Pro has icons and managed to create something similar:

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True. I often forget I added that feature as I myself don’t often use it. Think I need a second cup of coffee this morning. :laughing:


Thank you! The only thing missing is a “Podcast” icon or Tunein or some podcast service.

Those would need to be a part of FontAwesome v4. If they’re missing it is likely they’re not in FA4.

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Likely added after I made the icon list. Put in a feature request for it please.