Social Media Badge Icons not showing

Hi There,

i had to make a microsite on a subdomain of an existing page i made. On the existing page i used social media badges in the footer with no issues. now i´ve copied the footer into my new page and the icons in the badges do not show up!

i even put them in fresh from the library at the bottom of the page with no success
any idea anybody?

i do not use or load FontAwesome on either of the two sites

the new page:

the existing page:


Hi @keptnshab

From what I can see on that page most of the main files needed in Foundry failed to Upload.
On the RapidWeaver File Menu click:

  1. Mark All Pages & Resources as Changed
  2. Re-Publish All Files

See if that fixes your issues.


Thank you very much, that was it !

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