Social Media Badges Icons in Foundry V2

We have a large RWC project built using Foundry 2 which we cannot upgrade to F3 without a lot of preplanning and extra costs. The Social media badges stack has the old Twitter Badge and we would like to have the new X icon instead but cannot find a way to do this as it uses the old Font Awesome libray. Can anyone help?

Hi @TimPb

Can you use text instead? Or you really need it to be and Icon?


A new image stack will be the fallback position, but it would be nice to know of this is possible.

The styles for the Social Icons on F2 works at the ID level, so it is hard to make the Social icons work using the new 𝕏 FA icons.

It would be possible to make it work if you use some custom HTML & CSS.

Hi @TimPb – Unfortunately this isn’t a thing Foundry itself can address. Neither FontAwesome 4 (in Foundry 2) or FontAwesome 5 (in Foundry 3) include the new β€œX” Twitter logo. I cannot add icons or logos to the FontAwesome library unfortunately.