Some questions about Sections

Playing with a new design and using Sections. Got a couple of questions…

  1. A section background seems to set the image to “cover”, can I set it to contain or actual?
  2. How do I control the colour of the scroll down arrows?


No. The background is set to cover to ensure the entirety of the browser window is spoken for no matter the browser or device size, or how the browser size may change. This is due to each section being forced into the shape of said browser or device.

That is not an option of the stack at this time.

Oh. And oh.

They’re default white then? What happens when the background is also white?

Indeed they are white by default. They would blend into the background using a white background. At this time you’d want to avoid that combination.

Well I know that, hence my question about changing the colour!

I can’t allow the colour of this element to dictate the background colour so what about using css? I’ve tried this but can’t get it to work…

.scroll-down-arrow {

background-color: #333333 !inportant;

It is currently on my list of items to update.


OK. I’ll find an alternative for now.

@SteveB, did you copy/paste that CSS here or retype?

You used an “n” instead of an “m” in important.

That CSS works for me. Btw, you can use “color” to color the down-chevron and “border-color” to color the circle outline. You will need “!important” on those as well.

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D’oh! Thanks for that.

I switched to Section Pro in the end, but will note that for next time.


EDIT: @DLH Any idea how I might change the background image in Sections from cover to contain and/or original using css? It’s rather limiting and rules out an otherwise nice layout stack without such control. Ta.

@steve Check out CSS background-size property