Some themes and stacks are retiring very soon

Beginning next week I’ll be retiring some of the older themes and stacks from the store. I wanted to let everyone know in the event you’ve been eyeing something but holding off on buying it.

Here is the list of RapidWeaver themes that are retiring:

  • Abstract
  • Atmosphere
  • Ruby
  • Feather
  • Lightning
  • Droplet
  • Tonic
  • Cafe
  • Create
  • Crisp
  • Slate
  • Bamboo
  • Iconic

Here’s a list of the Stacks add-ons that are retiring:

  • Focus
  • Bricks 2
  • Structure

If these are items you’re interested in owning, be sure to grab a copy now.


Thanks for the heads up. Is there anything in Foundry that duplicates the functionality of Bricks 2?

The Card Deck can do a rudimentary masonry layout. That said, what are you wanting to build with it? Something like an image gallery?

Couldn’t you use the sort stack and hide the filter to get the bricks look?

I use it for little chunks of content of uneven length.

Like this - The Brighton Copywriter - copywriting services


this - House Concerts in Hove - more information

Good news is you can continue to use Bricks. In fact it should keep working as is for some time! It hasn’t had any appreciable updates for a while and it is still humming right along.

There’ll be some new layout and gallery tools released soon so maybe you’ll find something there you’ll like too. Like I said though Bricks will continue to work as is and the Card Deck stack has a masonry style layout, too.

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