Some video clips on homepage

I am working on a project and had the idea of showing a grid of 6 little videoclips.
the client delivered videos in 1920x1080px which I think is way too much.

1st question: which tools are good for compressing and shrinking dimensions of videos?
(maybe contained in Setapp?)
What are the go to criterias (size, bitrate, file format etc) for web videos in rapid weaver?

Since foundry only offers stacks to server YouTube/vimeo I came up with the embed stack by S4S which I found in my library… Good choice or any other ideas?

No matter if I choose preload or not, the videos take a while before they start playing which is annoying.

In case you assume “this guy has no clue about embedding videos on websites” - yes, you are right. at least I never came up with the idea of having a video grid before :wink:

so please help an old man!

@papart Why are you avoiding using Vimeo or YouTube? Either one does a great job of optimizing your video for playback on the web. (They have other benefits as well.)

Yes, if you put videos on your own server they may take quite awhile to load! (Depending on a variety of factors.)

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Have a look at Handbrake (HandBrake: Downloads). It’s free, and should be able to compress/resize your videos.

Stacks-wise, for self-hosting videos, have a look at Doobox’s Play (Play Stack). They’ve got a Black Friday sale on - no code, discount added on checkout.

hi @mitchellm- good point. but the client does not want the videos to be on YouTube.
Today I read that there are options to hide videos for the public while still being able to link them and show them on the homepage - it’s on my list to do some research on that…

Damn, I have almost all doobox stacks available - bit this one is missing. seems to be a proper pick from what I can read on the product page. Thank you!

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You can hide videos on YouTube, but they will still look like YouTube videos on your site.

@papart I would really encourage you to learn how to do private or hidden videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

If your video is 30 seconds long then perhaps, perhaps self-hosting is an option. But even then …

What specifically about not wanting to be on YouTube is the issue? Hiddenness? Personal beef with the CEO of YouTube? Content issues?

@papart Also why do you think 1080 HD is too much? It’s great that your client delivered in that size and ratio. Normally one would want to start off with a good sized 16:9 video.

Is there some specific reason that size seems to large for you?

you wouldn’t guess but there are some informations in these videos that are of certain interest for my clients competitors. might be paranoia or might be true. I don’t know.

@papart So are you using something like Sitelok to protect access to the site? (Otherwise it won’t matter, the competitors could see it anyway.)

Again … depending on the situation it might be better to let folks download the video. Then it won’t take for-ever to view.

In Vimeo you can make things very private: so that’s easy. But I never remember what’s included with the free version. I have the “plus” paid version and have lots of privacy options.

What YouTube will provide for free in terms of privacy: I don’t fully know. They also have a paid version which may provide more options.

Overall privacy is not an issue: just a matter if your client is willing to pay for it. Both with YouTube and/or Vimeo and then again on the site itself.

as said I do not want to show large videos, but a bunch of clips in a grid.
in fact the videos will be of biggest size when viewed on mobile…

just scroll down a bit on the landing page here and you get the idea:

I used the play stack as suggested and scaled the videos to 640px using QuickTime, all together the files have some 40-45MB.
maybe I can shorten and compress the files - will check tomorrow

@papart . . . okay … but …

  1. there is no security on those videos. I can download all of them and watch in slow motion if I’m a competitor. But I’m not seeing what the real security issue is based on the video content.
  2. from a design perspective it seems crazy to be showing 6 videos simultaneously. Maybe it’s meant to be a cool effect but … I’m not seeing it.
  3. the grid as is looks fine as 6 photos!
  4. if using YouTube or Vimeo the whole thing would load much faster! Even using 1080HD. YT and Vimeo do a great job of scaling as needed.

This all sounds like a square peg into a round hole kind of thing. Best of luck in solving this but it all honestly looks great as 6 photos (rather than videos)

For me, GDPR. For every video, the IP address of the visitor is transferred to Vimeo or YouTube. In Germany, the IP address is a personal identifying data. This means I have to get a consent via click from the visitor to see the video. So we are talking about additional banners, data protection declarations, and so on. Not worth the hassle.

Take this. It’s simple to use and makes all format you need. Even a placeholder image
And the Play Stack :wink:


Miro is good, too, but good grief the desktop icon is UGLY! :rofl:

good suggestion. thanks. files were squeezed to nearly half its size! :+1: and the automatic thumbnail creation comes in handy, yeah!
one (or @mitchellm) could argue about the sense of showing 6 videos at once, but my client is happy with the result so far and I will leave it as it is for now.

and to sum up the competitor / paranoia story:from what the client told me it is possible for competitors to conclude from the machinery which is visible in the videos where the wood comes from, the country, the forest, the distributor etc. - and these information MAY be used to “steal deals” which my client wants to make.
complicated stuff :wink: