Sort by date in Alloy

So far, so good - I’m using Alloy for a historical blog of events years ago, and loving it, but I’d like users to be able to search for entries by month as well as by author.

I’m setting my categories to the different authors so that’s a easy search that works fine but would also like to pick entries out by date - I tried putting more than one category in but it only registers the last one.

I will have a year’s worth of material - so a lot of entries spread over 12 months and it would be good to pick them by month.

I’m sure your clever people at Elixir have got a clever way to do this…

Hi there @alastair

Alloy does not do what you’re looking for at this time. Some of that could be added in a future update, but as of now it is not supported. This was done purposefully to keep things simple to start out.