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I have a page to update where some can sort items by specific filters. I did it with the Sort Stack. But it should not show, when you com to the page. So I put it in a Mega Modal Stack. A click on the button opens up the Modal and Sort shows up. Our Products - Actuators made in Germany
When I understand the video right, it is like, when I come to Sort, all items are shown by default. Not in my case. Only the last one I entered shows up. If it’s not a problem to put Sort in a Modal, what have I done wrong? Or, this would be best, is there any chance to set it without any item showing, so that the visitor can find the items of his choice by clicking the appropiate buttons?

Sorry I forgot to mention, that when I click the “show all” productfinder button they appear all.


You can’t put a complex stack like Sort into a Modal. Much like I say here in this post…

Hi Adam,

sad :worried:
I thougth it should be a good Idea.
Thanks for the quick answer.

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Hi Adam, another question regarding the Sort-Stack is it possible to kind of sort the filter buttons in a way that they are “sorted” linewise? For example first line are all volt buttons, second line are all weight buttons… and so on. There should be 5 different lines.


No, sorry, that isn’t really an option. They’re all inline elements.

Ok, thanks a lot

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