Sort stack does not appear to apply Dark Mode colors

Is there an error in the Foundry when dark mode is activated?
View Card settings.

I use Sort Stack and dark mode does not work.

I’m out of the office today. Send me your project file and any additional details you have and I’ll look at it tomorrow when I return.

Also this does not appear to be in reference to Sort itself, but the Card stack, correct? If I’m misunderstanding then I will DEFINITELY need more details from you.

Sat down at the computer quickly to look at this. I realized what you were trying to convey. It is not a bug. Sort does not have Dark Mode settings. There are no Dark Mode settings in Thunder Pack.

OK. Do you have any planes for Dark Mode in the Thunder Pack?

Is a bit confusing that there is Dark Mode in some stacks and not in all stacks. I thought that when I activated Dark Mode under the Foundry Control Center, this was available in every stack.

Sorry I misunderstood.

Foundry got Dark Mode in v2. Thunder came out before Foundry v2 got the Dark Mode features. Thunder will likely get some basic Dark Mode settings in a future update. I have several other projects ongoing currently though, so it may be a little while until that happens.

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