Sort Stack gapless items?

Hi Folks,

I’ve set up the sort stack with a bunch of ‘hover image’ stacks to use as links to different parts of the website. So far so good. However the client wants a more ‘masonry’ style look to the page. Is it possible to remove the gaps between each sort item? I’ve set item padding to 0 in the sort items settings and set the border and background to none. Ideally I want all my images butting up to each other just like a masonry gallery. Each sort item is a different size but this is deliberate as we don’t want it to look too much like a rigid grid.


p.s. if this is not possible, does anyone know of another sorting stack that could do this, with rollover images? thanks.

p.p.s. I’m quite happy to use CSS if that will do it.

Good morning again @rojharris

Eliminating the gutters between items is not a feature of the stack, as it is not meant to work as a gutter-less layout. The gaps are there to help the visitor distinguish between sort items. If they’re sorting through content you want them to be able to tell what item is what, so that is not a feature I built into the stack.

OK thanks Adam. I think I’ve found a Yabdab stack that will do the job.


Cool deal. Sounds good. :+1: