Sort Stack - select multiple filter options

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew how or if it’s possible to select multiple options in the Sort stack?

At the moment it seems you can only select either the “Show All” button or just one of the filter option buttons, I need to be able to have clients select 1, 2 or 3 buttons to REALLY filter down to a product. Just being able to select 1 filter option isn’t going to be enough. I know it’s possible to use the search field but that will only work if the customers know what words to search for.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated, or suggest another stack that can filter using multiple button selection…I believe Yabdab’s Filter stack can do it but any others?

Adam, it would be a very useful feature to add…pretty please…:blush:

Cheers Scott

You could also try Will’s Filter stack. Filter | Stacks4Stacks

There’s a free demo too, which is useful.


Good morning @scottf

The Sort stack uses a javascript library for its sorting and filtering and it has specific requirements and a way that it works.

What you’re looking to do, filtering based on multiple filters, is a possibility, but not in the way you’re wanting from your description.

It would require there to be separate sets of filter buttons. You’d be able to choose one filter from each group, not multiples from the same group. This example shows what I mean:

In this example you can choose one Color filter, one Size filter and one Shape filter. You would not be able to choose say Red and Yellow from the Color filter group.

Now, while the library does support these multiple filter groups, it would be a bit of a problem to implement within a templated system without making it a bit “messy” with how it is configured. The value of having multiple category groups did not out-weigh the added complexity of the user experience for me when creating the stack.

Hi Adam.
Do you have a sample file on how to do this?

Could you reveal this panel in a larger screenshot @elixirgraphics so that we can see where to find these options. I can’t seem to find this panel in my version of the sort stack ? Thanks :grinning:

That is not possible with the stack. It was an example of something that could be possible with the underlying JavaScript library but not something the stack supports or will support.

OK. Thanks @elixirgraphics