Space after and Embed in Alloy

A quick question, I’m trying to do an Embed in Alloy, it works well but I end up with ± 20 pixel space after putting an image, is there any way to remove that space?

Thank you!

Please post a screen capture or a link to the page so we can see what the issue is. Also, what other stack is the embed in? Make sure RW and Foundry/Alloy are the latest versions.

Embeds are Markdown based. This means your image is added to a Paragraph tag (<p></p>) within the Embed, as it should be. Paragraph tags automatically get a base margin added to them within Foundry for consistent spacing on a page. This is the spacing you’re referring to I suspect. This is not something that is configurable for Embeds.

Hi! Yes Adam, this is exactly the space I am referring. Ok, but If I want to have an image (with no pace after) and a link editable by my client, should I use a «droplet» for the image and a «droplet» for the link instead?

Sorry for my English by the way!!!

What you use is up to you and how you want to accomplish it. There’s not a right or wrong way. You could go that route, or you could create a small CSS class of your own that sets the margin on that <p></p> tag to 0, and then apply that class to the Embed here:

Your English is fine. No need to apologize for anything.

I’ll note this a something to look at in a future Alloy update. That said I’m in the midst of a huge project right now, so circling around to Alloy may be a ways off still.

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Will try that, thank you very much for your help!

The CSS route is pretty easy. I suspect you’ll have no problem!

I’m more a deisgner than a programmer but I will figure it out!..Thanks!

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