Spam support for form stack

Is there some sort of spam protection that can be added to the form stack? I am not seeing any setting that would allow for captcha or other forms of protection. I am trying to prevent as much spam as possible for my client.

Depends on what specific form tool you’re asking about. The Foundry 3 Form tool, as well as Foundry 2’s Form Pro have built-in honey pot traps for spam bots. If you give us an idea of which tool you’re referring to specifically we can better answer your question.

Hi Adam, I am using the form stack from Foundry 3.

Then you have your answer above. Foundry 3’s Form tool includes a honey pot trap to attempt to trick spam bots into triggering a form field that prevents the submission of the form. If you’re specifically looking for Captcha capability, none of the Foundry form tools offer that option.

OK Thank you. I am trying to send the form from the site and get an error Message could not be sent.
An error occurred sending your message.
Error: SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub

I copied and pasted the smtp setting from my host. Did I miss something? Sorry to be a pain but still trying to learn as I go.


sorry, here is the link:

You’ll need to contact your host to work out whether you’ve setup your SMTP settings properly as it varies from host to host.

Unfortunately the code used for Form is server-side code. We can’t troubleshoot it from the live site.