Specifying font size in Ivy2

I am having a pretty tough time on how to change the font size in the content of an Ivy2 item. Different blocks are showing varying text sizes and I cannot find anything anywhere on where that info is being derived from. The Theme I am using seems not to have exposed its sizes.

So I wonder if the sizes are part of Ivy or the general theme and what might I look for in that case?

It is likely that you copied and pasted text from various sources. If you did not use the “Paste as Plain Text” option then you brought that copied text’s formatting with it. Highlight your text and use the Clear Formatting option in the Format menu in RapidWeaver.

If that doesn’t work, please provide us a ZIP file containing your project file so we can better help you out. You can use a service like WeTransfer to provide us a link to download your project file.