Stack for creating a restaurant menu

I am looking for the best way to create a menu card for a restaurant.
first choice would be one of the foundry stacks… but other suggestions are appreciated as well.

individual font choices are a must (e.g. a script font for the dishes)

The text of each item is something like this:
(dish) Hamburger nach “Art des Hauses”
(details) mit Salat, Tomatenscheiben, sauren Gurken und Pommes Frites
(price) 8,90 €

The Foundry Card Deck and Cards would be perfect for what I would consider a Restaurant menu. However, without more information, it would be difficult to answer more. Will you need a CMS facility for the restaurant operator to edit the menu? Will the end customer need to add new menu items or cards? All of this information will define what you need.

As an example, here is a CMS restaurant application project that I created which although originally created using Foundation, I am currently considering creating a Foundry version to make available:


Looking good Gary, great to hear that you are creating project files for Foundry. Looking forwards on more business project files for Foundry :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a text only menu card with the option to choose individual google fonts for the text. the menu card is pretty long… cms functionality is not required!
therefore the card deck isn´t quiet what I am looking for. I found the listmate stack by stack its and the pricelist stack by marathia - but have not tested yet.
maybe I end up with the foundry accordion stack (starter, pasta, steaks etc.) in combination with the header pro stack and its segments feature for the dishes in the various categories.

@papart The Foundry Card stack and the Card Deck are the crown jewels of all display layout stacks IMHO. It is well worth investigating the card stack which can hold pretty much any other stack in the Slice stack. Here is a Card stack inside a Container set to 600px wide, containing only a Header and a Slice. Inside the Slice is placed the Foundry Table stack and there is a nice CSV version too. This layout took less than a minute to create and I still think is a perfect solution and one of the best available for RW. Style it the way you want and it will always look an integral part of your design.


I just had a look at the Table CSV Foundry stack and now realise that it uses the RW Link feature to point to the CSV file. Therefore, you could use (as an option) a “warehoused” CSV file stored on a server or indeed anywhere.

So now you can have a CMS solution for menus allowing customers to upload a CSV menu to a server using any of the popular methods of file upload such as the YummyFTP Alias. This is a BIG feature.

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Nice work!! I love the logo and the tint to the images.

Thanks. The tint is an overlay applied by the BWD Sections stack. The overlay function is a a really cool feature that allows you to work out the right colour and opacity level by trial and error and allows you to build better sits more quickly.

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