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I am trying to make a footer using a backdrop stack, container, margin and some columns, but the vertical height of the whole stack is very large.

Can anyone direct me to videos or tutorials of provide me direction on where to look on the edit section.

Thanks for any and all help.
Houston ABA Test Website (1.7 MB)

Backdrop adjusts its size by default to fit your content you’ve placed within it. So naturally the height is going to depend on what you’ve placed within the tool. Without seeing that we can’t really offer any advice. If you’d like to share your live URL to the page in question, or your project file, with us we could better help guide you. Without either though we’d be just shooting in the dark.

Ok I added the requested project file.

Please take it easy on the design. I am not a web designer by trade and am trying to redo the our very first company website which was very dated.

I will take any and all constructive criticism to enable me to improve the site.


Not here to critique or judge, just offer support in getting your question sorted out. :grin:

First thing is you’re using a Vertical Center tool to set a height at each of the three breakpoints. You can adjust this accordingly:

Additionally your image in the middle is fairly tall and the image has some empty space around the actual graphic. You can edit this in your image editing software of choice to remove that extra, unnecessary space that is within the image itself.

These two things should help out I think.

Thanks for answering my question. I will look at the information you sent and work on those adjustments after dinner.

Another question. What size should the logo be when I adjust the parameters in my photo editing software? I have it a 72 dpi and I think 1000x1000 pixels square.


There’s no one right answer for something like this. It will depend on the situation, your wants and needs, and more. That said I can say that 1000 x 1000px is far too big for the spot you’ve got for your logo in this design. The logo in your design is currently displaying at less than 100 x 100 px.

i like this screenshot … ^^

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I have no idea what you’re referring to @Pegasus. :unamused: :wink: :rofl:

Thanks for the help. I will adjust to logo size until I find something more pleasing. Once again, thanks for the helpful ideas.


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