Stacks Collage YourHead can it be used in Foundry?

I am using the latest versions of RW, Stacks and Foundry. I built a Foundry site and added a Collage page. I can edit and link to the Collage page, but I can’t add a navigation bar or any other stacks to the page. Can I not use Collage pages in Foundry and if possible how so?

Hi @ger1,

I’m having a deja vu here… didn’t I answer this question on another forum just minutes ago? :wink:

The short answer is: no. COLLAGE by Yourhead is a seperate product from their STACKS plugin. The two are not compatible.

Allow me to copy/paste my own answer from over at Realmac’s forums:

STACKS allows you to deploy smaller elements (confusingly also called “stacks”) on a page of your own design. Frameworks like Foundry are collections of these “stacks” that together form a toolbox for designing websites.

COLLAGE (and other Yourhead products, like LockDown, Pluskit, Blocks etc.) are not “stacks” and really have very little to do with Yourhead’s STACKS plugin.

You can add a collage page to a project that also has STACKS pages in it, but you can not drag “stacks elements” onto your COLLAGE page or drag COLLAGE onto a STACKS page. The two are simply not compatible in that way.

Now, you mention that you have PlusKIT. PlusKIT comes with a tool called “import Pages” that allows you to merge elements of other pages in your project into one page. In theory, you could use this to have your COLLAGE page display inside a STACKS page built using Foundry.

However, this is a lot more complex than it sounds and you might run into issues of elements not displaying correctly.

Also keep in mind that PlusKIT is no longer supported on M1 macs and will not be updated to make it compatible. So eventually you might not be able to use PlusKIT anymore, which means you can’t maintain those pages in the future.

My advise is to look for an alternative to COLLAGE in the form of a stack element. Foundry comes with a few candidates, but there are other stacks elements out there from other developers too.


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Whilst you could have a Collage page in your project, you won’t be able to put any stacks on that particular page.

Collage is a Plug-in for RW.
Stacks (the product from Yourhead, note the big ‘S’) is also a plug-in.
Foundry is a framework set of stacks (note the little ‘s’, confusing, I know), which sits under Stacks, as do all other stacks.

A Collage page doesn’t know about Stacks (or stacks), so you don’t want to mix the two. What you need is a Gallery stack that’ll work with Foundry, of which there are many - Elixir have Shutter, which is great, and there are loads (never found one that doesn’t) out there that’ll also play nicely with Foundry.

You’ll find it much better, and easier, to build this way.

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Foundry v2 comes with a simple Gallery stack as well. No need to buy anything new unless you want to.

Yes thanks Erwin I was posting the question all over the place around the same time.
Thanks for the clarification jacksona.
Thanks Elixir. I think I may purchase Shutter as it seems closer to what I need than the simpler Foundry Gallery.