Standard Foundry Form and Form Pro from Portion Pack not sending mails

Both the standard Form and Form Pro (from the Portion Pack) do not send the mails. I’ve now taken them off all the sites I’ve done and replaced with DooBox HTML Contact Form which works perfectly. As my sites are all my Foundry sites are mainly hosted on I’m not sure if it’s a hosting issue or a Foundry fault.

I have just completed a site which is at and have used the form pro without any problems…

Hi @pat – Sorry to hear you’re having a problem. A couple of things to check:

  • Check to make sure the emails did not arrive in your Spam or Junk mail folder.
  • Have you tried using the “Send using your email address” feature? If not, try this as some hosts require that the email being sent comes from an email address that has the same domain name. This means you’ll also need to use an associated email address in the “Your email” field in your form stack’s settings. For instance: if your site is then you’d need to use an email address on the same domain, such as in the “Your email” field.

Hi thanks for the reply, there where all working some time ago, and just the other day I noticed one of the 4 sites email form was not working. When into my account and see they have made some changes to the way the emails are now to be set up, probably GDPR. But could not get it working again, fixed by using the DooBox stack. Next day phone call another site not sending emails, switched it and then checked the other 2 none of which where now working, switched between the standard and pro version no luck. I’ve changed them all to the doobox stack as it’s working. Now I have had issue with before with databases after they ungraded their system. So I’m not sure where the issue is and as I’m still have a few glitches with on the server side since the PHP and infrastructure changes on the hosting.

Hi, thanks for the reply and you are correct some sites like one don’t like emails that are not the same as the domain and I have had to create and then bounce them to the other email address. Yes that is something to be kept in mind all possibly down to the new GDPR I think!

Sounds like the problem is with whatever change your host made with your PHP installation. You should get in touch with them and see what changes they’ve made that are affecting your form from working correctly. Unfortunately you and I don’t have access to that, so you’ll need to deal with them directly.

Would just like to update and say none of my Foundry contact forms are working (I use Chillidog)…did anyone fathom out what suddenly changed?
Sorry Adam…looks like I will have to convert all to the Doobox stack…dont have time to faff about!!
Appreciate any input for the future…

@Wendyb – If everything was working fine, but is now not working, then is seems like it is something that changed with your hosting. Be sure to check with your host and see what they have to say, as I’ve not made any updates to the way the stacks work.