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I have a question about ‘controlling’ the size of a Sticky Nav Bar. The whole page lives inside a Max Width stack on Foundry 3 (it was the only way I could think of to have 2.5% of the background colour showing on either side of the content). When the Nav Bar is idle everything is fine, but when the page is scrolled the Sticky Nav bar ‘pops out’ of the 95% Max Width and fills the whole width of the page.

Any ideas, or is this just a case of not using Max Width with a Sticky Nav bar if I want the size to remain at 95%?



Sticky navigation spans the width of the page. That is just how it is designed to work. You could create your own fixed position navigation setup though. Check out the Starter Kits, specifically Mercury. Have a look at how I’ve used Blacksmith to permanently affix the navigation bar in one spot.

OK, thanks for that - so much to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can even make use of disabling the paddings on smaller breakpoints. I did exactly that here (on XS breakpoint only though). The top margin is set to only appear on medium breakpoints and up.

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Oh btw @elixirgraphics Adam, is there a way to disable the dropdown animation for mobile only?

That is the bug fix I’m working on right now. Animations shouldn’t trigger ay Mobile breakpoint in retrospect. It’ll be an automatic thing (hopefully) in the next update.


Allright, thanks a lot :slight_smile: Looking forward to the update then.

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I’ve gotten a good deal coded, but need to now make updates to Documentation as well. Aiming for Friday, but may realistically be Monday.


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