Sticky NavBar going behind slider

Hi, I got a sticky navbar i’m experimenting with now. I have a slider below it. But I noticed when I scroll down the sticky navbar does not overlap the slider. It goes behind it. Everything else is normal.

any tips?


Without more information and a copy of your project file it is going to be hard to help further, but I’ve tested Navigation Bar and the Slider stack together and they seem to be working properly, as seen here: ScreenFlow.mp4 • Droplr

If you’d like to share your project file perhaps we can help further.

Also, it looks like you forgot to categorize your forum post again. Please put your post into the Foundry category.

Can I PM it to you?.. I dunno it’s an art project for me so i’d just like to keep it private until it’s done… heh

Send it in a ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the file is larger than 4mb you’ll need to use We Transfer to send it.

OK its got a few images so it’s about 15 mb… Just sent it


I have not received anything from We Transfer from you, neither in my inbox or junk mail folder.

crap… mispelled email… ok sent again

No problem. Just received it.

Your problem is the same as the one in this thread. Please read through it. :+1:

Additionally – If you set your z-index for your navigation higher, which is a setting in the Navigation Bar Pro stack, that should relieve the conflicting z-indexs.

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Thanks i’ll watch that z-axis index from now on