Sticky Navigation Bar Disappears


I created a sticky navigation bar for the main navigation for a website. I also added two navigation bars lower on the page to use for anchor links to go to content that will be on the page. I also made them sticky because otherwise they would disappear when I scrolled down the page. Now they stay on the page when I scroll, but the main navigation bar disappears when scrolling even though it is set to sticky. Is there any way to fix that? I really want to use anchors for content below on the page but I don’t really want to use a lot of buttons for that. I would like to anchor to eleven items down below on the page. Thank you!

The Navigation Bar wasn’t really designed to work in multiples, all being in sticky mode, in this way.

OK, I’ll have to try to figure out another type of layout. Thank you!

Maybe a linked list set to inline?

OK, I’ll look at that - thanks!