Stop the Movie!

Hi, I want to use a short movie of a beautiful sunrise for my banner. Obviously, looping a sunrise makes it look ludicrous. Is it possible for me to just have it play once, then stop? I’ve animated this exact scene in Foundation, but I’ve switched to Foundry 2 and its animation stack doesn’t allow me to replicate it, so I need to use a movie.


Hi @DavidBourke – If you’re referring to the Cinema stack for background videos, then no, the stack does not do that. It is meant to be used with looping video for backgrounds.

OK, thank you. I’ve used the Doobox stack “Play” which does exactly what I need.


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Sweet! Sounds like a perfect fit then. Doobox makes good stuff. :+1:


And currently has a 50% sale on!

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I’m still wresting with this problem - an eight-second movie inside Reveal Pro won’t play in a tablet or phone simulation. So the banner doesn’t make sense because on these devices because the message doesn’t resolve.

So I went through all the stack settings carefully and found this: “Note: Animations are disabled on mobile devices to ensure good performance and compatibility.” Since site developers emphasize the importance of cross-device accessibility, why include the Reveal stacks at all?

When I try an image inside the Foundation Impact stacks, the animation plays no problem. So what am I doing wrong?

I’m starting to hate HTML…

Reveal Pro uses some pretty complex animations and they can be stacked on top of one another even. They do not run on mobile devices purposefully to help mobile page load speeds, among other things.

The Reveal stack, which comes with Foundry has an option to let you opt in to loading animation on mobile devices. This stack’s animations are as complex so it isn’t as big of a hit on resources. But it is still opt-in.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. Because I can take care of the animation in Final Cut Pro, I removed all animation stacks and just left the video inside Doobox Play. Works fine on Desktop but doesn’t play on phone or tablet. I think I may have no choice but to do this site in Foundation.

Just to be clear Reveal and Reveal Pro are not video based stacks. They have no control over video whatsoever.

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