Strange behaviour with F3 Blacksmith and spaces

Hello Foundriers, I tried to be smart… :grimacing:
I put a Blacksmith style sheet with padding and margin in “Divider” CSS classes. The result was very strange as the line continues like a border…
I tried to solve this and I put the “Divider” in a “Spacing” stack and applied the Blacksmith style sheet in “Spacing CSS Classes” and then it worked as expected…
Any reason why it did not work as expected when I put the Blacksmith Style Sheet in Divider please ?
Thanks for your time and your help :upside_down_face:
Strange behaviour of “Divider”

I’m not sure I’m following the exact outcome you’re looking for but to add space around a divider you’d place it in a Spacing tool. The class field that is added in to the divider is not wrapped around the divider. It is the divider. Use the modularity of Foundry 3 to your benefit and just place a divider inside the spacing tool.

My question was : what is the right way to put “Spacing” controlled by Blacksmith around “Divider”… Sorry if was not very clear… :face_holding_back_tears:
Thank you.

Put Divider in a Container and apply the class to the Container. It is the same amount of work and DIV wrappers, thus why I offered the solution of simply using the Spacing tool, as it will give you more options and control at multiple breakpoints. :wink:

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Thank you for your clear answer… :hugs: