Strange issue with text in footer

One of my clients has built his website himself with Foundry:
Nice work, but there’s one strange issue, which is difficult to describe, but I’ll try it:

On some pages the footer “goes wild”: when scrolling to the bottom of the page, the footer-content is displayed at the top of the browser window and sticks there (see screenshot). It only disappears when scrolling up again. Here is one of these pages:
BUT: this only happens when the page loads for the first time (and therefore nothing is cached by browser at that time). There are two ways to make the issue go away: reloading the page or resizing the browser window. In both cases the issue is gone. Until you clear the browser cache and visit the page again: the same issue as before (footer content at the top when scrolling to the bottom of the page).

This happens in all browsers; and the footers on all pages of the site are exactly the same.

Any tips what he can do to get rid of this issue?

He’s got the footer content in a Sticky Content stack. I can’t think of a reason to have footer content in one. Remove that stack from the footer area and leave the content in the Container stack.


Oh boy, why may he have done this…? Thanks a lot for that tip; I’ll tell him tomorrow! Will report back here if this is the final solution for this issue. Hm, but I’m still wondering for myself why the stickiness is completely deactivated when scaling the browser window or reloading the page…

@RapidBase well, there is an option to have the content always on the bottom. But, I do not know why you would want the footer to always be sticky.

Yep, me neither. Will talk to my client tomorrow… :wink: