Subfolders and nested pages in RW8

With regard to the pages tree in the left-hand inspector…
I understand that if you drag one page to another, you create a nested subfolder. But that doesn’t seem to work for me.

Say I have an index.html page in a folder called ‘tests’. I then drag a page Test 1 (test1.html) beneath it. I would intuit I had created a structure. But I haven’t.

In the right hand inspector, I can only set the folder to “/” or some other name. If it is “/” then that is the root. If it is some other name, then that name creates the new subfolder. E.G. “abc” would create “/tests/abc/”

I can do this manually by setting the subfolder to “/tests” but that seems to defeat the point - I would expect the structure to be maintained by RW.

I think RW7 allowed you to add a folder (never used RW7) but that option appears to be missing in RW8.

It seems to me that the structure in the pages inspector is purely cosmetic. Am I missing something?


Hi Colin,

I’ve answered this on the RM forum.

It might help not to cross-post, as it’ll keep all the responses together for you, and it’ll save the people who try to help you reading everything twice.

Perhaps you should only post Foundry-specific queries here, and the general RW questions on the RM forum. You’ll probably get help quicker this way, too.


@scruffy – I unfortunately think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how RapidWeaver organizes pages and folders. Let’s see if I can clear it up for you.

RapidWeaver has not changed how it handles pages and folders for as long as I can remember and I started building themes in 2006, and sites for myself using RapidWeaver before that.

Below you’ll see a RapidWeaver window. Highlighted is the PAGES list.

Each of these, as you would suspect is an individual PAGE as indicated by the header above them. These are not, and have never been FOLDERS.

In the Page Inspector you can choose two things for your PAGE. It’s file name and its folder name. The exception to this is the home page, which will never allow you to change the folder name as it is the root of the site. You can see these two properties in the Page Inspector here for our imaginary site’s Photo Gallery page:

Each PAGE should have a unique FOLDER name. This is where your page will live on your site. Additionally it is how you will nest FOLDERS, but we’ll get back to this in a bit.

Your page’s filename should almost alway be either index.html or index.php and not something like home.html or photo-gallery.php.

Additionally you should not be placing a / in the folder name field.

By structuring our PAGE the way we have the Photo Gallery page we’ve created for our fictitious site would be found here:

Since we’ve named our page index.html the visitor will not have to type the filename for our page. Had we opted for photo-gallery.html then the user would have to type the following to access the page directly: :nauseated_face:

As for nesting PAGES. To do so you drag and drop a page onto another page in the Pages List in RapidWeaver. I’m going to make a Contact Us page for our fake site:

But I’ve decided I want to have it nested within the About Us page. So I drag and drop it on the About Us page, like so:

CleanShot 2022-04-21 at 08.31.15

You’ll notice the About Us page now has a drop down arrow and the Contact Us page is indented. The Contact Us page is now nested. So what does this mean for our site’s FOLDER structure now?

Well my pages are named like so for the About Us and Contact Us pages:

This means our FOLDER structure for our pages would be as follows in our URL:

As you can see our contact FOLDER is nested within our about-us FOLDER here because of our site’s PAGE structure.

Hope that demystifies how PAGES and FOLDERS are handled in RapidWeaver.

With that out of the way, I am going to make the same request that @jacksona did above – Please don’t double post in two different forums. It is generally best to post a question about a specific product to that product’s support forum. That said, you can post whatever questions you want here – Elixir, Stacks, RapidWeaver, etc. and vice versa on the Realmac Community site. Just don’t double post. It’s bad form.


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